Preparing for Student Research Project Presentations

  • (1) On the 4th Wednesday of Mathcamp, Teachers will meet to discuss any issues with regard to students research projects and their anticipated presentations over the final weekend. By the end of the Thursday’s tutorial, Coaches will compile a complete list of all students wishing to present in each course, including specific information about which project a student wishes to present, doing it solo or in a group.
  • (2) At 7pm the same Thursday, Coaches and Lecturer of each course will meet in my ofce to make a tentative schedule, including clusters and order of presentations of students in each course.
  • (3) IT manager will inform all students by WeChat by the 4th Wednesday: all students must email IT manager their ppt/pdf by 3pm Friday 8/11. The files must conform with the following. The filename must include English names of presenters, followed by two or three letters for the course in which they are presenting (that is, one of these nine courses: AC, LA1,LA2,NT1,NT2, AT, PS, AP, CM). The presenters’ name must appear in the order in which they will give their lectures, if they work as a group. If the group is large, use just their initials. For example, if Bong Lian, David Pollack, and Paul Horn are presenting as a group in LA1, their presentation pdf filename should be BLian_DPollack_PHorn_LA1.pdf
  • (4) A presentation by each student must not exceed 12 pages (slides), but presentations by a group should combine their slides into a single file, whose page length not exceeding 12 times the size of the group. Contents of the file must be typeset in English, but may contain graphics or pictures. Occasionally, a student may use the blackboard as illustration tool. But students show know that writing on blackboard can significantly impact the time you have for slides.
  • (5) We hope to announce schedule for the lectures by Friday evening on the Mathcamp website. The presentation will start at 08:00 Saturday in Rm 112, and is expected to end around noon on Sunday
  • (6) Students are strongly encouraged to practice their talks with their fellow students. All talks must be presented in English.
  • (7) Generally, each student will be given 6 minutes for their lecture, with time warning at the 5th minute. Since our schedule is very tight, students who go over time will unfortunately have to be cut of, and we must abide by the schedule strictly. We hope everyone understand this.
  • (8) About 75 talks are expected, and they are divided into 3 four-hour sessions with 15 minite breaks:
    Saturday morning 08:00-12:15
    Saturday afternoon 13:30-17:45
    Sunday 08:00-12:15.
  • (9) Presentations are expected to end around Sunday 11:00, after which we will have a brief ‘Certificate Ceremony’, and photo taking opportunities after that.