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All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered,
the point is to discover them.
- Galileo.

Yau Tsinghua Mathcamp

Algebra and Topology


Coaches: Zeping Hao and Wenjie Ma

Location: TBD

Course description: Topology is remarkable for its contributions to the popular culture of mathematics. As popular as it is, you might have already heard about Euler's formula for polyhedra, the four color theorem, the Möbius strip, or the Klein bottle. Primarily, it is a subject for studying the shapes of objects; however, ideas and concepts in topology have been widely used and have become influential in other branches of mathematics. This course is designed as an introductory course in topology from both algebraic and combinatorial perspectives. We will begin with basics in point-set topology and explain how algebraic methods enter into topology. As for prerequisites or background for this course, besides curiosity, which might be at the heart of Mathcamp, students are expected to have a good working knowledge of high school algebra.